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January 17,2012

– First day back from break with College students, we are working on our expressions sites and preparing our sites for the show and tell event that is scheduled.Today has been really busy but not as busy as I saw … Continue reading

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Back Again :)

– Its Really Been Awhile Since I Posted An umm What Should I Call It? A Status Ill Say Even Though I Know Its Not Facebook :), But Too Catch Things up, a lot of things changed, I do not … Continue reading

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-Week Nine.

– Okay This Would Be Week Nine And Four Days :/ I Haven’t Posted On Her For A Couple Of Weeks I Accidentally Forgot but now that I am I Will Start This Post Of By Saying Me working here … Continue reading

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– Week Five.

-This would be my fifth week working as a Jr. Spider. This week co-worker and I will be working on something new such as how we made this expressions pages we will be making and decorating our own pages from … Continue reading

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– Week Four.

-This Would Be Week Four working at Syracuse University as a Jr. Spider. This Week we are not really doing anything much different from last week but we are finishing our task’s that we were asked to have completed by … Continue reading

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– Week Three.

-This Would be week three working at SU .To me it seems like every week there is something different this week my co-workers and I had not only just finished a project but started a new one again. The new … Continue reading

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– Week Twoo.

-This would be the second full week of work :). My time at work has been used into making a pamphlet about Jr. spiders to inspire high school students our age to be interested into this program. My co-worker alaudra … Continue reading

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– Workinq At Su.

-My experience working at su has been the greatest!. I am excited I have been able to experience this job, Many students applied for this job and only seven was selected I feel honorable to actually be here. Working at … Continue reading

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